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Running From Fears by SageFillyLuna

Not bad at all, especially for 1 in the morning. Good job with the fure and smoke too, I'm ejoying those textures :D

I saw you've already had a crit on this, but I figured I'd do one anyway, and maybe point out some other things :)

First of all, I love the direction of the fire's movement, it really looks like its chasing the characters! So thats really good. You chose nice poses with the horse and rider too. I do have a suggestion there though.

Now, remember that there is no 'right' 'wrong' way, and I'm merely suggesting something here rather than disctating or 'correcting'. But the piece has a LOT of movement in the pose and in the fire and all those strokes, but then your lines are very 'neat'. Theres nothing wrong with neat lines, but I do feel that in this particular example, you could experiment with your linework a bit more. The craziness of that fire and the girls hair (is that sage?) create a really nice atmosphere. Maybe try different line styles? Sketchier lines, lines that imply form rather than show it, or possibly lines of a less harsh colour (light brown, red etc). Or using much thicker lines in places like the front of the horse, and thinner lines near the back to give the impression of it fading into the smoke. I hope that you see what I mean, in works like this [link] neat lines look awesome! But here they start losing some of the energy that the rest of your piece has.

Other than that, watch out for things like anatomy. I could redline this for you if you like. Over all its not too bad at all, but the horses back legs could do with a bit or work, also her forearm is bending in a way that arms were not meant to bend, just watch out for that sort of thing.

I think the last thing I'd like to mention is lighting and shading! (which I always forget about and mess up in my own pieces XD). You've put in some shading here, but I really think that it could do with MOAR! Remember fires are very BRIGHT! They'd cast a very very bright light onto your subjects from the back. What you've got here is almost just the flat colours of the image, if you enhanced the shadows and really deepened areas that would be in shadow to give the horse and rider much much more contrast then the drama of this would increase dramatically! Remember contrast is good! You like contrast, especially in dramatic pieces like this. Don't be afraid to make your blacks balck and your whites white (although technically you shouldn't even be using pure black, but thats a whoooollee other argument about colour theory, so its not really relevant here :P). Contrast isn't scary, embrace it! Decide on a light source, don't forget what it is (like I do lol) and go for it!

Last thing (again, a suggestion for you to play with, not a reccomendation or anything ) is colouuuurrrr! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the colours you've used here, they're absolutely fine :D But for experimental works don't be afraid to play with it a little! It can make your works much much more interesting (or really mess them up :P ) Why not add a little purple to the flames? Some dark blue for shadows on the horse? Colour is fun, and just because you know fire is red doesn't mean you need to paint it that colour ;) Check out works like this: [link] <-- see all that green on the tiger? Or blue and green on the branch?
or [link] <- see how the water is actually a dark purple and not a dark blue? Colour is fun, and it can add a huge amount of depth and interest to your piece :D A good tutorial on it is here: [link]

Sorry, that turned into longer than I expected! Don't pay too much attention to the stars either, I never know how to work those :\
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SageFillyLuna Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Student General Artist
WOW thank you so so much!!!! i am DEFINITELY going to revisit this in the future, and use all of the critiques that I've received!!!

though this piece was merely conceptual, i like a lot of what you said and will find a TON of use for it!!!

Amadoodles Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
You're welcome, I was trying to find advice that would help with other pieces in the future, so hopefully I managed that <3
SageFillyLuna Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Student General Artist
you certainly did!!!
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